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40g Single Serve

40/40g Regular

40/40g Bar-B-Q

40/40g Salt'n Vinegar

40/40g Sour Cream n' Onion

40/40g Ketchup

40/40g Dill Pickle

40/40g All Dressed

40/40g Rip-l Sour Cream & Grn Onion

40/40g D.C. Jalapeno & Cheddar

60g Corn Chips

40/60g BBQ Corn

45g Arriba

33/45g Arriba Nacho Cheese

33/45g Arriba Zesty Taco

55g Crunchy

45/55g Nacho Crunchy

45g Hawkins

36/45g Hawkins Cheezies

20g Popcorn Twist

33/20g Popcorn Twist

255g Chips Bagged

13/255g Original

13/255g Salt'n Vinegar

13/255g Bar-B-Q

13/255g Ripple

13/255g Rip-l Sour Cream & Grn Onion

13/255g Rip-L Creamy Dill

13/255g Rip-L Light Salt

13/255g Ketchup

13/255g Cheddar & Sour Cream

13/255g Crispy Bacon

13/255g Sour Cream & Onion

13/255g Sour Cream & Onion

13/255g Rip-l Smokey BBQ

13/255g Rip-L Mexican Chili

13/255g Rip-L Au Gratin

13/255g Dill Pickle

13/255g All Dressed

320g Corn Chips

10/320g Original Corn Chips

10/320g BBQ Corn Chips



9/360g Restaurante Original

12/276g Restaurante Salsa Bowls

12/300g Restaurante Blue Corn

12/468g Restaurante Multi Bite Size

14/348g Restaurante Multi Bite Size

12/372g Restaurante Sea Salt & Lime

12/372g Restaurante Deli Rounds

12/372g Restaurante Crispy Rounds

12/384g Restaurante Bite Size

12/384g Restaurante Light Salt

9/360g Restaurante Red

38/71g Restaurante Tortilla Boats w/ tray

9/360g Restaurante Red & White

Salsas & Dips

12/430ml Mild Salsa

12/430ml Medium Salsa

12/425g Rip-L French Onion Dip

12/400g Restaurante Con Queso

12/425g Rip-L Ranch Dip

120g Baked Chips Bagged

12/120g Baked Dill

12/120g Baked Salt & Vinegar

12/120g Baked Ketchup

66g Xlarge Single Serve

30/66g Regular

30/66g Bar-B-Q

30/66g Salt'n Vinegar

30/66g Sour Cream n' Onion

30/66g Ketchup

30/66g Dill Pickle

30/66g All Dressed

30/66g Rip-L Sour Cream & Grn Onion

30/66g Mexican Chili

32/66g Ridgies All Dressed

32/66g Loaded Baked Potato

32/66g D.D. Spicy Salt & Vinegar

84g Arriba

30/84g Arriba Guacamole

30/84g Arriba Sweet Chili

30/84g Arriba Nacho Cheese

30/84g Arriba Zesty Taco

85g Crunchy

33/85g Nacho Crunchy

85g Pleesers

27/85g Cheese Pleesers

80g Hawkins

32/80g Hawkins Cheezies

55g Popcorn Twist

25/55g Popcorn Twist

85g Corn Chips

36/85g Plain Corn Chip

36/85g Bar-B-Q Corn Chip

66g Dutch Crunch

32/66g D.C. Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar

32/66g D.C. Jalapeno & Cheddar

32/66g D.C. Mesquite BBQ

55g Baked Chips

24/55g Baked Creamy Dill

24/55g Baked Salt & Vinegar

24/55g Baked Ketchup

320g-400g Pretzels

12/320g Baked Mini Twist

12/400g Baked Sticks


4/12/80g Salted Peanuts

4/12/80g Honey Peanuts

4/12/80g BBQ Peanuts

Peanuts - Sleeve

12/80g Salted Peanuts

12/80g Honey Peanuts

12/80g BBQ Peanuts


6/48/15g Teriyaki Beef Jerky

6/48/15g Beef Jerky

6/20/45g Beef Jerky

Jerky - Sleeve

48/15g Teriyaki Beef Jerky

48/15g Beef Jerky

20/45g Beef Jerky

265g Pleesers

12/265g Cheese Pleesers

220g Chips Boxed

12/220g Original

12/220g Ripple

12/220g BBQ

12/220g Salt & Vinegar

12/220g Ketchup

12/220g Onion & Garlic

Variety Pack

30/32g Variety Pack


9/60g Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard Onion

9/60g Pretzel Pieces Hot Buffalo

12/240g Pretzel Pieces Hot Buffalo

12/240g Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard

12/240g Pretzel Pieces Cheddar

12/240g Pretzel Pieces Jalapeno

12/240g Pretzel Pieces Sweet and Salty

15/240g Pretzel Rods


15/227g Seasoned Sunflower Seeds

15/227g Dill Sunflower Seeds

15/227g Salted Sunflower Seeds

235g Double Dutch Bagged

14/235g D.D. Burstin Onion

14/235g D.D. All Dressed

14/235g D.D. Loaded Baked Potato

14/210g D.D. Spicy Salt & Vinegar

200g Dutch Crunch Bagged

14/200g D.C. Jalapeno & Cheddar

14/200g D.C. Original

14/200g D.C. Mesquite Bar-B-Q

14/200g D.C. Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar

14/200g D.C. Pepper & Balsamic Vinegar

14/200g D.C. Parmesan & Garlic

14/200g D.C. Sour Cream & Dill

600g - 640g Bagged

6/600g Rip-L

9/640g Party Mix

525g Dutch Crunch Bagged

8/525g D.C. Jalapeno & Cheddar

175g Popcorn Twist

10/175g Popcorn Twist

290g Crunchy

290g Crunchy

290g X-treme Crunchy

210g Hawkins

12/210g Hawkins Cheezies

Humpty Dumpty

12/280g BBQ Ringolos

12/280g Original Party Mix

12/280g Cheesy Party Mix

12/280g All Dressed Party Mix

12/265g Sour Cream & Onion Rings

100g Bacon Puff

12/100g Bacon Puff

245g Arriba

14/245g Arriba Nacho Cheese

14/245g Arriba Zesty Taco

14/245g Arriba Jalapeno & Cheddar

14/235g Arriba Guacamole

14/235g Arriba Sweet Chili

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